We all know that we have several versions of ourselves, depending on the place and moment in our lives. Being Multiverse is the interconnection of those versions of ourselves, it's when we explore a fashion style and colors, it flows at different rhythms for different activities and environments.

It's an attitude and vibration of connecting with yourself to expand your warmth to infinity. At Multiverse, we merge the best of 3 universes, FASHION-TECHNOLOGY-FUNCTIONALITY, so you can go confidently wherever you want.


We understand that fashion style in our globalized world symbolizes culture, creating stories that impact our relationships and society. We live in a society where the relationship between fashion and communication is increasingly close. How we dress expresses our identity, values, and passions and reflects the environment and the historical moment we inhabit.

In Multiverse, we choose silhouettes and a fashion style that adapts to the current human being in unisex garments and in various vibrant, warm, and cool colors to determine what vibe to give to each version of yourself and to each space you want to inhabit. Our fashion style combines aesthetics and functionality, allowing you to express yourself effortlessly while staying comfortable and protected.







Part of living in this globalized world is being aware of the impact of technology in all areas of our lives. In the case of technology applied in fashion, it's a tool that allows the evolution of clothing, making it brighter and suitable for everyday use. At Multiverse, we are inspired by technical garments that manage to adapt to daily use, developing new technologies that will allow you to be protected wherever you want.

  • Duotech® is the perfect blend of 2 technologies in 1, which enhances your energy. One of them is Thermoreflect® technology, which works by absorbing your heat and reflecting it; built with reflective thermal material that projects your warmth in a focused way and directs it powerfully toward your body. Thermofur® technology, which works from the inside out, is built with a network of ultra-soft and highly insulating synthetic microfibers, which cover every millimeter of the central part of the garment, preventing cold from filtering through while allowing breathability and helping to evacuate moisture.

  • Puffer light® is a lightweight, breathable, quick-drying insulation technology built with a material that simulates feather fibers and insulation, free from animal inputs. It maintains its insulating properties even in humid conditions.



This constant evolution of technology makes us question its functionality in our lives, which has led us to seek garments that blend aesthetics, science, and versatility, being more conscious when buying. We look for timeless pieces that can be used for different occasions. These garments adapt to the environment and allow you to be comfortable with them to develop any activity with total fluidity. Insulating, water-repellent, windproof, lightweight, breathable, and easily combinable garments with your style will always be the best choice.

In our new Multiverse collection, we understand the fusion of these 3 universes and the role they play in your daily life. Our purpose is with you, we want to provide you with a memorable experience in any exposure you have to low temperatures so you can connect with your being and express it through our products while being protected and comfortable. Because we know that we are multifaceted beings, that we transform ourselves every day, and that we can evoke our profession while expressing our passions.

At THM, we constantly innovate to find the perfect balance between you and the environment. Multiverse is a concurrent collection to expand our warmth to infinity. Check out our collection here.

And how do you live Multiverse as your fashion style?