Cold weather is our best ally, and that's why we want to teach you how to achieve smart protection so you can enjoy more time outdoors.

Before exposing yourself to the cold

Proper protection before exposure will prevent heat loss. Without it, your body will start to cool down and use all available energy to recover its temperature, causing fatigue and discomfort.

Cover your mouth and nose

Breathing in cold air directly causes your body to lose temperature quickly and increases the risk of getting sick. To avoid this, it's very useful to have a scarf, parka, or balaclava to help keep the air warm until it enters your lungs. These tips are crucial in cold weather to keep you safe and comfortable. Get the right outdoor apparel.

Dress in layers 

Proper use of three layers (thermal underwear, a sweatshirt, and a jacket) allows air to circulate your body, keeping it dry while trapping body heat. This ensures effective protection at all times and allows you to adapt to temperature changes when moving from open to closed spaces and vice versa.


Avoid wearing garments that are too tight (except for thermal underwear) or heavy as they will make your body sweat and quickly lose stored heat.

Cover hands and feet

In cold weather, the brain sends more blood to the body's core to protect vital organs, making the extremities more vulnerable to body temperature loss. Wearing hats, gloves, and thermal socks ensures these body parts maintain a healthy temperature.

Less is more, don't use double socks: 

Doing so can make your feet so tight that instead of retaining heat, it blocks air circulation, causing discomfort and cooling due to moisture. Therefore, technical material socks like Thermocomfort or Thermoseal will keep your feet at the right temperature while providing comfort.

Eat well in winter

During prolonged exposure to the cold, your body requires more fluid intake and a balanced diet of calories and vitamins A and C. Hence, control your diet and add nuts, fruits, and some sweets to optimize body thermoregulation.


Just wearing a jacket is not enough, so what's the purpose of layers?

  • First layer, thermal underwear 

Its goal is to encapsulate your body heat and allow proper perspiration.

  • Second layer, sweatshirts

They protect from the cold environment and add more body heat retention.

  • Third layer, jackets

Primarily keep you isolated from harsh weather factors like wind, rain, and snow, maintaining the right temperature in the other layers, we will always have the best jacket for you and your adventure.