Cold, in case you didn't know, is perhaps one of the best allies for your health, well-being, and beauty. We, as cold experts, understand that true warmth comes from within. That's why we want to tell you that when you expose yourself to low temperatures with all the necessary gear to maintain your ideal body temperature, you can start enjoying a host of benefits that the cold has in store for you. Here are some of them:

Improves your blood circulation in the cold

We've all felt how our legs swell in high temperatures, but in the cold with the right clothing, our blood circulation improves. Wondering why? It's because the superficial blood vessels contract and then quickly dilate, promoting venous return, enhancing blood flow, and ensuring the proper functioning of the lymphatic system for your health.

A side-effect-free anti-inflammatory

Cold is an incredible ally for reducing inflammation caused by falls or injuries. When you have an injury, your body responds by dilating the blood vessels that compress the tissue, reducing swelling and pain. Cold, during the first 48 hours, will help reduce capillary pressure, decreasing swelling and pain.

Boosts your energy and relieves stress

Cold showers or ice baths have a truly stimulating effect – it might sound a bit crazy! Besides being good for muscle recovery, they also increase physical and mental energy and reduce stress

Contact with cold water causes a shock that leads to deep breathing, promoting vitality and concentration. Cryotherapy is all the rage nowadays, a therapy involving exposure to sub-zero temperatures to release endorphins, resulting in a relaxing effect, reducing stress, and improving conditions of anxiety and depression.

Improves your sleep

When you're in moderately cold rooms with the right protection, you can improve the quality of your sleep. As your body temperature cools down, your brain prepares for sleep, reducing activity and inducing slumber.

Activates fat burning

Cold increases adiponectin, a protein released by adipocytes that regulates metabolism while maintaining the appropriate body temperature. Lowering external temperature prompts adiponectin to make the body use white fat ("bad fat") as fuel to convert calories into heat.

So, the colder it is, the more fat you'll burn. Additionally, adiponectin stimulates the generation of brown fat, which is the good fat – a double benefit!

These are some of the reasons why we're cold enthusiasts. Besides knowing its power for your health and well-being, we love it because it invites us to seek refuge in warm embraces, relish its landscapes and unique experiences, and enjoy its versatile and cool fashion to stay prepared for the best temperature in the world.