When it comes to exposure to the cold, a common mistake is wearing multiple layers of clothing that don't provide enough warmth, ending up with a few extra kilos and still feeling cold. So, what should you do to stay well-warmed?

The answer lies in a type of garment that's lightweight, comfortable, and almost imperceptible - thermal underwear. Thanks to it, you'll build a second skin over yours that will encapsulate body heat, keeping you at the right temperature. Plus, the lightness of these garments won't reduce your mobility or make you feel heavy. Discover the benefits of thermal clothing for cold weather protection and comfort.

Revolutionary technology in thermal underwear

With all this in mind, THM has developed ThermoCaps, a technology for the fabric of thermal underwear that creates intelligent fibers. These fibers trap body heat and encapsulate it between the skin and the outdoor apparel, maintaining the ideal temperature at all times with low weight and volume. Among other advantages of ThermoCaps thermal underwear are:

Elastic and adjustable: The thermal garments are elastic enough to fully conform to your body shape, as this is their main mechanism of operation. A loose garment will not be able to maintain body heat, as it will allow cold air from the outside to penetrate.

Thermoregulating: It is capable of trapping body heat and retaining it thanks to the fabric's fibers. To achieve this, it features a ribbed pattern for better distribution of body heat. Discover the innovative features of ThermoCaps thermal clothing for optimal warmth and comfort.


In conclusion, when you're preparing for your next cold-weather trip and buying your ThermoCaps thermal underwear, be sure to choose the right size. It should fit snugly, which means it shouldn't be too loose or too tight, to ensure the garment performs its thermal function effectively. The key to maximizing the benefits of thermal underwear is finding the perfect fit for your body.