Let's talk about an often-mentioned value, BEING THANKFUL, that makes you aware of everything you have: material things, situations, or interpersonal connections. We hear about gratitude as an indispensable human value, and we think it's important and beautiful to be thankful. But beyond this, we should be aware that thoughts, emotions, and situations generate harmonic and disharmonic vibrations, which can influence our bodies. Being thankful is one of those states that vibrates at the highest level.

When you feel grateful for what you already have, acknowledging all that it has brought into your life, seeing with the eyes of the soul, understanding that everything has been perfect as it was, that each situation and each person came into your life to teach you something, and what you learned has made you EVOLVE, you realize that gratitude shouldn't just be on a specific time of the year. We should learn to live in a constant state of GRATITUDE to continue expanding our genuine warmth to the world.

Studies show that being thankful brings many benefits, including improving psychological health by providing tranquility and reducing anxiety, fostering empathy, sleep quality, reducing low-grade inflammation, enhancing self-esteem, and promoting spiritual awareness because by recognizing, I learn and TRANSFORM.

This blog invites us to practice gratitude daily, to recap and appreciate the importance of the path learned, making it a habit beyond the season or date. It's always the perfect moment to be thankful for what taught us, mov

ed us out of our comfort zone, and for those who stood by us through thick and thin. As well as for everything you overcame, got to know yourself, and explored. To thank and move forward, continually transforming into your best version.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We did the exercise with our entire team to recognize what our work has been over the last months, and with infinite gratitude, we want to acknowledge everyone who has accompanied us on this journey. We are thankful for the challenges we overcame as a team, as they allowed us to improve and identify areas we could enhance.

We thank our entire team because, without each person who is part of it, we wouldn't have achieved that commitment and quality in what we do. United, we are a blaze! We are unstoppable. We thank our heat movers, who resonate with our purpose of sharing the warmth from within to the world. We are grateful to everyone who connects with our brand, believes in us, and joins us in enjoying the cold temperatures with them; you are our driving force.

We are thankful because, as a brand, we have reinvented ourselves, exploring and building from what moves us and allows us to continue expanding our warmth to the world. We've embarked on a transformation journey because we are convinced of the message we want to convey and the vibration we want to spread. Thanks because this motivation to be our best version has led us to create incredible collections inspired by the contemporary human being, versatile, functional, full of color and warmth.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. We will continue to move forward and constantly transform into a new and better version. 

Team THM