Surely among your resolutions throughout the year are some well-deserved vacations: a paradisiacal destination away from the reality and monotony of day-to-day life, so you may be thinking about places to go in winter. This article is dedicated to those travelers who enjoy discovering new, different, and unique places; where the nights seem magical, the landscapes like something out of a Disney movie, and the cold is the main character.

Not convinced enough? Read this, close your eyes, and let your imagination fly: those places to go in winter where you are far from everything, connecting with the other side of nature, looking spectacular in your THM thermal clothing (which, let's be honest, we'd love to wear 24/7), enjoying your favorite hot drink, discovering incredible places... A whole adventure in the cold, don't you think? But if you still need half a step to make the decision, here we give you the perfect reasons why traveling to a winter destination (even in summer) is just what you need to disconnect from the world and connect with yourself.

Breathtaking landscapes

Sometimes, even our eyes can hardly believe what is in front of us. It's always less common to see streets and rooftops dressed in snow white than to battle the sun in search of shade to escape the heat. Winter (even without snow) gifts us with scenes that seem created in a Photoshop class: the colors, the lights, the sunsets, and a particular charm that only pairs with the cold and with our garments to enjoy all this magic. These are the kind of views you'll encounter in the best places to go in winter.

places to go in winter

Recharge your batteries 

If what you need is to renew your energies, close cycles, and recharge completely again, there's nothing better than the tranquility offered by a cold place. Being exposed to low temperatures will help with energy expenditure, allowing you to recharge with new vibes. So, prepare your favorite boots, the jacket that looks best on you, and a good scarf, and with a small walk in the cold, you'll feel how your energy changes. This rejuvenating experience is just one of the many benefits you'll discover in the best places to go in winter.

Recover sleep hours

What's more delightful than sleeping in the cold? There are places to go in winter where the perfect sleep is possible! When we go to sleep, our body seeks to regulate its temperature to maintain energy during sleep. If the temperature is just right, the sleep will be so pleasant that you'll wake up feeling like a completely renewed person.

Surely you're already packing your mix-and-match pajamas, right? You'll see how each night of your cold journey will be unforgettable. This kind of restful experience is one of the many perks you'll find in the cold.

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More powerful exercise

If you're the type of person who doesn't even let vacations interrupt your workout routine and loves exercising above all else, we have good news: cold weather is your best friend when it comes to sports! So, pack your Thermocaps Set, the perfect outdoor apparel because your challenge on this trip will be much more demanding and challenging, but the reward will also be greater: not only will you burn that unwanted fat, but your body composition will improve. This is just one of the exhilarating experiences waiting for you in the places to go in winter for both adventure and fitness.

Keep your mind active

Let’s start with a fact, even in the cold, our creativity benefits. Encountering landscapes that seem straight out of Hollywood super-productions, filled with snow (or even without a single flake in sight), visually positively stimulates the brain, breaking with the traditional concept of summer paradises and replacing them with beautiful winter ones. 

Did you know that excessive heat tends to quickly consume resources like glucose, which can lead to mental exhaustion and lack of will? Another point for winter destinations on your vacation! But don't let your brain freeze either, it never hurts to bring the right protection: your hat and scarf will help keep your mind fresh and creative. Discovering such inspiring environments is a part of the allure of the best places to go in winter.

A breath of fresh air for your lungs

We all want to breathe clean air, and generally, the places to go in winter or those with a cold climate, have purer and cleaner air. Take time to breathe and purify your body from the inside out. How about a walk in nature? Your gloves and thermal socks will help you focus on inhaling and exhaling, rather than the cold around you. You'll feel tranquility returning to your body gradually, and once again, your energies will be up.

Now that we've almost completely convinced you (we say almost because the decision is in your hands), it's time to assemble your travel gear and start separating all your thermal clothes to enjoy all the benefits that the cold can offer. Are you ready for this new adventure with Thermos? In our online store, you can find what you need to plan your vacations to a wonderful winter destination. These experiences await in the best places to go in winter.